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In the high-stakes world of Texas Hold’em, the importance of starting hands cannot be overstated. As any seasoned poker game player knows, the cards you are dealt at the beginning of a hand can make or break your chances of success. While there are plenty of resources out there touting the best-starting hands in the game, it’s equally important to be aware of the worst starting hands that can lead you down a path to ruin. 

Today, we will explore the top worst starting hands in Texas Hold’em, shedding light on the hands that should make you think twice before diving headfirst into the action. So grab your chips, settle in at the virtual table, and let’s delve into the world of worst hold’em starting hands that you always should need to avoid at haha777 online casino.


In the game of online poker, Holding 2-7 is considered one of the worst starting hands a player can be dealt. This combination offers little potential for creating a strong hand, as it lacks any high cards or connecting suits. With such low-ranking cards, players are likely to form a winning hand with significant help from the community cards. As a result, players holding 2-7 should proceed with caution and consider folding to avoid wasting chips on a hand with minimal potential. Understanding the value of starting hands like 2-7 is crucial for success in poker games.


The primary challenge with 2 and 8 decks is similar to that of 2 and 7 decks, with the only difference being the presence of an 8 instead of a 7.

An 8 as a high card is still considered unfavorable. Regardless of whether the cards are suited or not, it is generally advisable to fold this hand. While there is a chance of getting pairs, they are likely to be low pairs.

Given the limited potential for this hand to improve, it is recommended to fold before the betting begins.

3 AND 8, 3 AND 7

The poker hands of 3-8 offsuit and 3-7 offsuit are considered to be among the weakest in the game, ranking just above the dreaded 2-7 offsuit. While they offer slightly more potential than the 2-7 offsuit, they cannot still form a straight or a flush.

When starting a game with these weak hands, the odds of success are extremely low, with a win rate of only 4.30 percent. Therefore, it is advisable to fold early when dealt these poor starting hands in Texas Holdem, as they are some of the worst hands to play in the game.

2 AND 10

Due to Doyle Brunson’s success in winning two World Series of Poker bracelets, the 2 and 10 hand has achieved legendary status. While this hand may not seem strong at first glance, Brunson’s expertise in the game sets it apart. Therefore, you need to gain extensive experience and skill like a seasoned Texas road gambler to attempt to win with the Doyle Brunson hand.

Furthermore, this particular hand is ranked as the 165th out of 169 potential starting hands in Texas Hold ’em poker, indicating its low value. It is not a hand to be proud of playing.

Encountering any of these five hands, including the Doyle Brunson hand, can make for a challenging day in poker. Despite the allure of the game, choosing to play this hand will likely lead to frustration and disappointment.

2-9, 3-9, AND 4-9

The least favorable poker hands to play in Texas Holdem or 5 card poker are typically considered to be 2-9 offsuit, 3-9 offsuit, and 4-9 offsuit. These hands have a win rate of only 4.50-4.70 percent.

If you are dealt a hand consisting of 2, 3, 4, and 9, your best option would be to rely on the 9 as your highest card, in the event that the 9 pairs up, it would still only result in a middle pair.

With these unfavorable hands, it is not possible to form a straight or a flush, making them some of the worst hands in poker. Therefore, the recommended strategy in Texas Holdem or 5-card poker is to fold these weak hands rather than risk playing them.

9 AND 5

The hand known as the “9 and 5” or “Dolly Parton” is a popular choice among players due to its entertaining association with the famous song and movie from the 1980s. However, it is important to note that playing hands based solely on their name may not be a strategic approach for winning in poker. 

In the long run, statistically speaking, the “Dolly Parton” hand is a losing hand. Therefore, relying on such hands is not a recommended method for making a profit from playing poker professionally.

Poker Cards


One common mistake that beginners often make when they have face cards in their hand is to play them regardless of the situation. Whether it’s a jack and two, queen and three, or king and four, the majority of these hands will lead to defeat. While they may occasionally win a few points, playing these hands will typically result in losing a significant amount of money when facing opponents with stronger hands. It is important to consider the odds and make strategic decisions when playing face cards in order to avoid unnecessary losses.


Playing any ace is a common mistake made by rookies. While it may occasionally win, it is not a strong hand, especially when facing a raise at a table with four or more players. Combining an ace with a low card will likely result in being outplayed.

In conclusion, understanding the best-starting hands in poker is essential for success in Texas Hold’em. By knowing which hands to play and which to fold, players can increase their chances of winning and minimize their losses. The top starting hands, such as pocket aces and kings, give players a strong advantage at the beginning of the game. On the other hand, the worst starting hands, such as 7-2 offsuit, should be avoided at all costs.For more information on poker starting hands and to improve your game, visit Haha777 online casino. In a safe and secure online environment, players can hone their skills and test their luck in a range of poker games and tournaments. In poker, success isn’t just about luck, it’s also about strategy and skill. So study up on the best starting hands and start winning big at Haha777 today.

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